School programmes

Once a year for ten weeks at the end of the second term/ the beginning of the third term the Community Gardens offer a special program for propagating young gardeners from 5-6 schools from eastern Christchurch. The „gardeners club“ is so popular that almost a hundred students wanted to participate this year (2017). In the end 50 lucky students were chosen to partake.

The children get divided into three groups and take turns in different activities. One group works on gardening: they get their own garden plot, learn about various ways of planting and how to maintain the soil.

The second group concentrates on garden art and other objects. This can include bird feeders, colorful signs for the garden plots, mosaic art, decorative moss balls and other objects to beautify the garden.

The third group learns about cooking from the garden. Silverbeet quiche, kale chips and pumpkin pancakes are only some of delicious dishes they learn to cook.

Children and staff are really enjoying it and it is a very worthwhile addition to their curriculum.

„We would like to say how much they are enjoying their weekly sessions and are learning about gardening and sustainability.“ (Marshland school)

” The passion, enthusiasm, and feeling of success for children is important to us at Queenspark School.




Cooking from the garden 2018