How the garden came about

Our Community Gardens has been running since 2005, when local group of people saw the potential for a community garden in this area and on this site. There are a lot of low income families in the wider New Brighton area so the  Trustees were motivated by the idea of providing hands on learning about how to grow very low cost, quality food.

Today the gardens is a hub of activities where volunteers contribute their time in the garden in exchange for fresh vegetables. Not only to they receive fresh vegetables but also met new people and learn more about looking after our environment.

People of all ages and abilities volunteer and visit, including many families, people with intellectual or physical disabilities and local schools. As well as inspiring and educating people about growing their own healthy food, we support our volunteers through life’s stresses and give them opportunities to make new social networks.

Various school and preschool groups participate in the activities here at the gardens. We run a 10 week school programme involving schools from the East side of the city. They are involved in gardening, garden art and cooking.



The Gardens 2017